How to setup Optimizely CMS 12 on local dev?

Clean steps to follow - 2023 Edition

Check your prerequisites

Installing Optimizely Project Templates

  • Open Command Prompt OR Windows Terminal

  • Install Optimizely dotnet project templates

  • dotnet new --install EPiServer.Templates

Installing Optimizely dotnet CLI database tool

Configure Nuget Feed

  • Open Visual Studio 2022

  • Navigate to Tools > Nuget Package Manager > Package Manager Settings

  • Click Package sources from the Options dialog

  • Add new source with path, you can name it whatever you want, for example - Optimizely Nuget Feed

Fun Part - Installing CMS Alloy Website

  • Create a folder in your system and navigate to that folder using the Terminal

    • For example C:\Projects\CMS12Alloy
  • Run below command

  • dotnet new epi-alloy-mvc

  • dotnet run

  • It takes some time, but once it is ready and you see "Now listening on https://localhost:5000" in the terminal, navigate to localhost:5000

  • For the first time, it will navigate to the Register page.

  • Setup your username and password and you are good to go!