Fix error - The admin user registration is disabled, no redirect to '/Util/Register' will happen.

Optimizely/EPiServer CMS 12 - /Util/Register issue fix


If you install a fresh instance of CMS 12, register yourself with the admin user for the first time, and then forget your password, you may encounter issues when trying to log back in after several days, as new user registration is currently disabled.

Usually, you get the below message in the console

Fix - Delete Admin user from the database

  • Open your project in Visual Studio

  • Open App_Data folder

    • It opens SQL server explorer right in your Visual Studio

    • Right-click on database AlloyCheck.mdf and select "New Query" option from the context menu

    • Run below query to delete your admin user

      delete from AspNetUsers

    • Close your Visual Studio to terminate the connection with SQL

    • Run dotnet run on the terminal of your project path

    • Now you will be automatically redirected to /Util/Register page to create a new admin user